FDA and CDC Warn Against Mushroom 'Microdosing' Chocolate Bar and Edible Brand Linked to Severe Health Reactions

FDA and CDC Warn Against Mushroom 'Microdosing' Chocolate Bar and Edible Brand Linked to Severe Health Reactions

Seraiah Alexander
Seraiah Alexander
June 11, 2024
1 min

FDA and CDC officials are investigating a series of severe health reactions connected to Diamond Shruumz-brand chocolate bars, cones, and gummies.

Marketed as microdosing edibles containing a blend of nootropic and functional mushrooms, these products have been linked to a surge of severe symptoms, including seizures, abnormal heart rates, hyper/hypotension, and central nervous system depression. As of June 10, 2024, twelve cases have been reported across eight states: AL (1), AZ (4), IN (2), KY (1), MO (1), NV (1), PA (1), and SC (1). Ten of the twelve reported cases required hospitalization. No deaths have been reported.

According to an FDA advisory, consumers and retailers are urged to “not eat, sell, or serve any flavor of Diamond Shruumz-brand Chocolate Bars, Cones, or Gummies, and should discard them.” The products were sold both online and in physical stores across the U.S., such as smoke/vape shops and retailers selling CBD or delta-8 THC products. However, the complete list of retailers is unclear, and the FDA warns against purchasing Diamond Shruumz products at this time.

Although promoted for microdosing, the products do not contain “psilocybin, amanita or any scheduled drugs.” Instead, they are claimed to be made with an all-natural, “proprietary blend of nootropic and functional mushrooms,” per the company’s official website. The FDA and CDC are working closely with America’s Poison Centers and state and local health agencies to track down the source and cause of the illnesses. Healthcare providers are encouraged to report any related cases to their local health department and/or the Poison Help Line to aid in the investigation. 

For continuous updates and more information, refer to the FDA’s official investigation page.


Seraiah Alexander

Seraiah Alexander

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