12 Helpful Gifts for Mushroom Hunters and Fungi Wildcrafters

12 Helpful Gifts for Mushroom Hunters and Fungi Wildcrafters

Maren Bennett
Maren Bennett
December 09, 2022
3 min

Are you foraging for the perfect gift for the mushroom hunter in your life this holiday season? Look no further- this gift guide will surely fulfill your psychedelic, cottagecore, and mushroomy dreams in finding that perfect holiday or birthday gift.

We’ve covered unique gifts for your favorite forager, from tools for identifying wild mushrooms to cookware fit for any mycelia-maniac’s kitchen.

Gifts for foraging

1. Foraging Kit

Mushroom forager kit with bag on table
Etsy: ArcticPines

Image Source: ArticPines via Etsy

Whether just starting out or already deep into the mushroom hunting scene, this foraging kit has everything for your fungi fanatic to hunt, gather, clean, and store their latest haul.

2. Mushroom Foraging Knife with Brush

Handheld foraging knife with logo
Etsy: ForestFloorStudios

Image Source: ForestFloorStudios via Etsy

If an all-in-one kit isn’t exactly what you need, try this handmade foraging knife with an attached brush, perfect for mushroom lovers on the go. (It’s even got a keychain!)

3. Wooden Mushroom Keychain Knife & Brush

Small handheld keychain knife cleans a mushroom with brush
Etsy: ForestFloorStudios

Image Source: ForestFloorStudios via Etsy

If the artisanal look isn’t for you or your mushroom hunter, this wooden mushroom knife & brush keychain will suit anyone’s fungi fancy. Who wouldn’t love hunting mushrooms with a mushroom?

4. French Straw Backpack with Leather Basket

Woman facing forest in hat with straw bag
Etsy: ArtisanaCraft

Image Source: ArtisanaCraft via Etsy

If sustainability is on your mycologist’s list, this eco-friendly straw backpack easily converts into a tote bag, perfect for holding the spore spoils of the day. After a long day of fruiting, this foraging bag is a great gift to keep your mycologist hands-free.

Gifts for identifying mushrooms

5. Mushroom Foraging Calendar

Foraging map of the seasons with mushrooms on it
Etsy: HeartoftheEarthArts

Image Source: Heart of the Earth Arts via Etsy

If you or your forager are starting, it’s easy to land in the morel dilemma of fungi misidentification. This mushroom foraging calendar is a great visual guide for finding edible and medicinal mushrooms of all seasons.

6. The Ultimate Guide to Mushrooms: How to Identify and Gather Over 200 Species Throughout North America and Europe

Ultimate guide to mushrooms book

Image Source: Amazon

In need of a more compact identification gift idea? This field guide by Guillaume Eyssartier offers knowledge on over 200 species of shrooms across North America and Europe, exploring the qualities, quantities, and locations of commonly hunted mushrooms, like chaga or lion’s mane. Whether you’d prefer a hardcover or e-book, Amazon offers options perfect for you or your best fungi friend.

7. Foraging Field Journal

Foraging journal on table with mushrooms
Etsy: CircusUnicorn

Image Source: CircusUnicorn via Etsy

For a gift on the go, especially on the hunt, this foraging field journal is perfect for recording an entire mushroom hunt. It’s divided into location notes with sections for hunt dates, habitat descriptions, fungi records, and more. Don’t blame us if you become a mycology fan with this one (or do).

Gifts for working with mushrooms

8. Grow Your Own Mushroom Kit

DIY grown mushrooms in bag

Image Source: GPMushrooms via Etsy

Want to try your hand at cultivating mushrooms? This edible mushroom grow kit allows you or your porcini-pal to grow your own Pink Oyster, Princess Pearl Oyster, and Blue Oyster Mushrooms. These varieties are perfect for cooking and DIY crafts!

9. Mushroom Print Kitchen Cooking Utensils Set

Wooden spoon set with mushroom designs
Etsy: Azwoodgifts

Image Source: Azwoodgifts via Etsy

Once you’ve grown or gathered your own mushrooms to cook, try this mushroom print set of wooden cooking utensils. They’re sure to add flair as you stir your shiitakes or roast your reishi.

10. Pyrex Forest Fancies Cutting Board

Pyrex cutting board with mushrooms on kitchen counter with knife
Etsy: cool4ever

Image Source: cool4ever via Etsy

Every kitchen fanatic knows that Pyrex may be one of the best gifts any chef could receive, so here’s one perfect for chopping chanterelle. This retro-style pyrex cutting board can fulfill all of the cottagecore feels you or your mycologist needs for their next mushroom mirepoix.

11. Cooking with Mushrooms: A Fungi Lover’s Guide to the World’s Most Versatile, Flavorful, Health-Boosting Ingredients

Cooking with Mushrooms by Andrea Gentl

Image Source: Amazon

If you or your mycologist are new to the culinary scene of mushrooms, have no fear. Andrea Gentl’s new cookbook provides tasty recipes for your truffles and reishi and explains the significance and health benefits of each tasty morel. Morsel? Morel.

12. 240W Mushroom Dehydrator With Adjustable Temperature Control

Mushroom dehydrator
Myco Labs

Image Source: Myco Labs

Need something with no frills, all fungi? This high-quality dehydrator is the perfect gift for any mycologist aiming to preserve or utilize mushrooms for cooking or wellness. With five different trays, an easy-to-use knob to adjust the temperature, and dishwasher-safe material, this is the perfect device to tame anyone’s lion’s mane.


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