Mushroom Cocktails You Can Easily Make at Home

Mushroom Cocktails You Can Easily Make at Home

Maddie S.
Maddie S.
April 11, 2024
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Espresso martinis had their “moment” in drink pop culture, but we’re predicting that a new kind of drink is about to dominate the bar shelves: mushroom cocktails. Most people associate mushrooms with savory dishes, but did you know they can also add a unique and delicious flavor to drinks? From earthy and savory to sweet and spicy, mushroom-infused drinks have been growing in popularity among mixologists and mushroom lovers alike. While mixing alcohol with mushrooms may sound like a strange combination at first, they can create truly unique drinks with a high depth of flavor.

We’ve compiled a list of the best mushroom cocktail recipes on the internet to help you create your own fungi-inspired libations. Whether you’re a curious adventurer or a seasoned mixologist, grab your shaker and get ready to expand your cocktail horizons with the bold and unexpected flavors of mushrooms.

Some of these recipes call for specific types of mushrooms, while others don’t. Try out a few varieties for yourself to experiment with different flavors and benefits! For example, Lion’s Mane and Chaga are great to help improve your focus, while Reishi is amazing for its energy-boosting properties!

Hot Saffron Shi-Toddy

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Peck of Pickles

Image Source: Peck of Pickles

This recipe by Peck of Pickles is a unique twist on the classic hot toddy, infused with umami flavors from shiitake mushrooms and saffron. The drink is made by steeping dried shiitake mushrooms and saffron in hot water, then mixing the infusion with honey, lemon juice, and whiskey. The result is a warm, comforting drink with rich, savory notes perfect for chilly evenings or when you need a little pick-me-up.

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Mushroom Margarita

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Living Well Kitchen

Image Source: Living Well Kitchen

Looking for a unique and flavorful twist on the classic margarita? Look no further than this Mushroom Margarita recipe from Memeinge. This creative cocktail blends earthy flavors from mushroom powder and thyme with tangy lime juice, tequila, and orange liqueur, resulting in a savory and refreshing drink perfect for happy hour or a party. With its unexpected combination of flavors, this Mushroom Margarita is sure to impress your guests and become a new favorite in your cocktail repertoire.

Shiitake Old Fashioned

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Nankai Shochu

Image Source: Nankai Shochu

If you’re a fan of old-fashioned cocktails, you won’t want to miss this creative twist on the classic drink. Nankai Shochu has combined the rich, savory flavors of shiitake mushrooms with their smooth and mellow shochu to create a unique and delicious cocktail. With just a few simple ingredients and a bit of mixing, you can enjoy a sophisticated and flavorful drink that’s perfect for sipping and savoring.

“Atlas Shrubbed”

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A Bar Above: Julia Tunstall

Image Source: Julia Tunstall via A Bar Above

This refreshing cocktail from A Bar Above perfectly balances sweet, sour, and savory flavors. The Atlas Shrubbed combines Chanterelle-infused gin, Shiitake shrub, and vermouth. Topped with a sprig of thyme and a lemon twist, this cocktail is a stunning and delicious option for any occasion, whether you’re sipping it on a hot summer day or enjoying it as a pre-dinner aperitif.

Mushroom Dirty Martini

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Campari Academy

Image Source: Campari Academy

If you’re a fan of dirty martinis, you’ll love this mushroom-infused twist on the classic cocktail. Campari Academy’s Mushroom Dirty Martini recipe combines vodka or gin with vermouth, olive brine, and a homemade mushroom brine for a rich and savory flavor that’s both delicious and unexpected. Served in a chilled martini glass with a garnish of pickled mushrooms and olives, this sophisticated cocktail is sure to impress and delight any cocktail enthusiast.

Shroom Brew Martini

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Knowrish Well

Image Source: Knowrish Well

Looking for a delicious and nutritious cocktail that’s also good for you? Try the Shroom Brew Martini from Knowrish Well! This unique drink blends earthy and savory flavors from shiitake mushrooms with your mushroom latte mix of choice. Bonus points if you use a latte mix like this lion’s mane one, which is made with adaptogenic mushrooms, known for their immune-boosting and stress-relieving properties. With just a few simple ingredients and a bit of shaking, you can enjoy a refreshing and healthful cocktail that’s great for any time you want to indulge without guilt.

Black Truffle Negroni

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Food Pairing: Peter Coucquyt

Image Source: Peter Coucquyt via Food Pairing

Take your Negroni game to the next level with this Black Truffle Negroni recipe from Foodpairing. This sophisticated cocktail is infused with the earthy, aromatic flavors of a homemade black truffle gin, which pairs perfectly with the bitter and sweet notes of Campari and sweet vermouth. Served in a chilled glass with a truffle-infused olive garnish, this drink is a true indulgence for any cocktail lover or foodie looking to experience the rich and complex flavors of black truffles in a new and unexpected way.

Mushroom Manhattan

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Monterey Mushrooms

Image Source: Monterey Mushrooms

Elevate your classic Manhattan cocktail with the addition of rich, earthy mushrooms. This recipe blends mushroom-infused whiskey, vermouth, and a few dashes of bitters resulting in a robust and complex flavor profile. Served in a chilled glass with a maraschino cherry garnish, this sophisticated cocktail is the perfect way to enjoy the savory umami taste of mushrooms in a new and creative way.

Shiitake Mushroom Cocktail

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Sunset: Mia Wasilevich

Image Source: Mia Wasilevich via Sunset

This Shiitake Mushroom Cocktail recipe is a delightful and savory twist on a classic gin and tonic. The recipe blends gin, tonic water, and a homemade shiitake mushroom syrup for a complex, earthy flavor that’s both refreshing and satisfying. Served in a tall glass over ice with a garnish of fresh shiitake mushrooms and a sprig of thyme, this cocktail is ideal for any occasion, from a summer evening gathering to a cozy night in.

Mushroom Cognac Crusta

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Barrow's Intense

Image Source: Barrow’s Intense

Barrow’s Intense Mushroom Cognac Crusta is a unique and savory twist on a classic brandy-based cocktail. The recipe combines cognac, orange liqueur, and lemon juice with a savory mushroom syrup for a complex and earthy flavor profile. Served in a sugar-rimmed glass with a lemon twist and a garnish of fresh herbs, this cocktail is the perfect way to indulge in the rich and savory taste of mushrooms in a sophisticated and elegant way.

Mushroom Mocktail

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Whimsey Soul: Meg Mezeske

Image Source: Meg Mezeske via Whimsey Soul

Whimsy Soul’s Spore Me Another Mushroom Mocktail recipe is a fun and whimsical way to enjoy the flavors of reishi, even if you’re not a fan of alcohol. The recipe combines ginger beer, lemon juice, and a homemade mushroom syrup for a refreshing, slightly spicy drink that works for any occasion. Topped with a garnish of fresh herbs and mushrooms, this mocktail is a playful nod to the many mushrooms found in pop culture and a delightful way to try a new flavor combination.

A mushroom drink for every occasion

One of the great things about mushroom cocktails is their versatility. Whether you’re looking for a boozy and indulgent drink, a healthy and nutritious mocktail, or a playful and whimsical concoction, there’s a mushroom cocktail recipe out there for you.

Moreover, mushrooms are packed with nutritional benefits, making mushroom cocktails not only tasty but also a healthy choice. Many mushroom varieties are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and immune-boosting compounds, making them a great addition to any diet. From maitake mushrooms to cremini, you can customize your recipes.

With a wide variety of recipes to choose from and plenty of health benefits to boot, mushroom cocktails are an exciting and delicious addition to any cocktail lover’s repertoire. So why not get creative and try incorporating mushrooms into your next cocktail creation? You might just discover a new favorite drink. And hopefully in the future, you’ll be able to order a mushroom wine or cocktail at your favorite local bar.


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Mushroom Margarita
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Mushroom Dirty Martini
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Black Truffle Negroni
Mushroom Manhattan
Shiitake Mushroom Cocktail
Mushroom Cognac Crusta
Mushroom Mocktail
A mushroom drink for every occasion

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