shroomer is the web for mushrooms.

shroomer is the web for mushrooms.

Shannon Ratliff
Shannon Ratliff
December 05, 2022
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Our team of shroomers celebrates and covers how fungi shape our world.

We believe in the power of mushrooms and their expansive versatility in natural medicine and psychological healing. Fungi’s long-celebrated ability to make us feel better is felt in the body and the mind, from boosting our immune system to reducing anxiety and depression.

Mushrooms have the power to make a real difference in our lives. We believe that education and awareness is the missing piece regarding the adoption of mushrooms and other fungi into everyday routines despite their international prevalence.

Mushrooms are rooted firmly in each continent’s history. The Mayans and Aztecs incorporated them into spiritual rituals. The Ajumawi tribe of Northern California uses mushrooms as part of religious healing ceremonies. Siberian Shamans may very well be the original Santa Clauses. African tribes like the Yoruba and those along the Ivory Coast use mushrooms in ceremonial healing. Psychedelic spirituality festivals in Hindu and Buddhist cultures access higher experiences of being with mushrooms. Traditional Chinese Medicine has the longest documented history of medicinal mushroom use.

We consult with medical experts and those rooted ancestrally in mushroom use for perspective, context, and fact. As an editorial team, we are committed to accuracy and sharing reliable information about the benefits of fungi, as well as dispelling myths and misinformation about the properties and the origin stories of mushrooms.

The wood wide web under our feet is about connection. We’re fostering a community of shroomers who are passionate about fungi and their potential to change the world.

Corrections policy

First and foremost, we believe in transparency with our readers about how we access and report information. We’re a team of real people behind your screen; mistakes, typos, and misspellings will happen. What we can control is how our readers know and understand an article has been corrected or clarified.

Corrections will be made in case of factual error, unclear language, or brand or personal name misspellings. The corrections note will reveal what was changed, why, and when the change was made. In formatting, the corrections note will be italicized at the top or bottom of the article.

For updated stories, the original story will always be clearly demarcated and follow the update so our readers understand how the news or story unfolded.

If you believe a story should be corrected, please submit the link and reasoning to corrections@shroomer.com

Commission policy

We aim to save you time and stress by recommending the products you need, from grow kits to medicinal mushroom tinctures. Our team prides itself on understanding mushrooms and we recommend products based on independent research, interviews, and testing. We earn money through various affiliate marketing programs, which means that we may get paid commissions on products purchased through our links to external sites. Our choices to include affiliate links are based on editorial integrity: these are the products we choose for ourselves and recommend to our loved ones.

Shannon Ratliff

Shannon Ratliff

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