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Julian Selemin

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Julian's love for mushrooms began when he first tried them as an ingredient in his cooking, quickly becoming fascinated by their unique flavor and potential health benefits. In addition to mushrooms, Julian is also open to the potential benefits of other natural resources. Herbs such as kratom and yerba mate are a crucial part of his life—and fungi are the newest addition. As a writer, Julian has dedicated his career to sharing his passion for ethnobotanicals with the world. He has written extensively on the subject for a variety of publications, from health and wellness sites to specialized botanical blogs, and has established himself as a reliable writer in the community. While he's all about understanding nature from a human point of view, scientific research plays a key role in everything he writes. In fact, he believes that it's misinformation that has led to the prohibition of psilocybin and other potentially helpful compounds. Because of this, shroomer feels just like home for him—a place where helpful and friendly advice can converge with the latest scientific research on functional mushrooms.


The Complete Guide to Golden Teacher Mushrooms
The Complete Guide to Golden Teacher Mushrooms
G olden teacher mushroooms are widely recognized as one of the most potent and spiritual psychedelic…
Julian Selemin
Julian Selemin
April 12, 2023
8 min
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