Mushroom Decor Isn't Going Anywhere in 2023

Mushroom Decor Isn't Going Anywhere in 2023

Maren Bennett
Maren Bennett
February 11, 2023
4 min

While we at Shroomer weren’t anticipating the mush-room interior design craze that has taken over Pinterest boards and homes across America, we aren’t complaining.

Initially taking off in September 2020, mushroom-inspired decor has been taking over other aesthetics for months. With searches for “funky house decor” and “fantasy mushroom art” up by 695% and 170% on Pinterest, respectively, it’s evident that mushrooms are beginning to integrate into home design fads avross the board, including the rising Gen-Z decor trend, weird-core.

The rise of mush-rooms

A cottagecore shelf, with mushroom decorations, candles, and hanging lights.
Photo by <a href=\"https://unsplash.com/@miracleday?utm_source=unsplash&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=creditCopyText\">Elena Mozhvilo</a> on <a href=\"https://unsplash.com/s/photos/mushroom-decor?utm_source=unsplash&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=creditCopyText\">Unsplash</a>

Mushrooms of all forms have infiltrated trends from wellness to fashion, so it was only a matter of time before they took over our homes.

While this mycelial decor trend started with simple ways to integrate fairy-like living into spaces, the movement became its own full-fledged aesthetic, dubbed cottage-core, quickly rising in popularity throughout 2021 and 2022.

As design trends flowed to the next, mushrooms remained a centerpiece in inspiration, as whimsical fairy tones became muted, earthy neutrals by the end of 2022, sparking a slight realist take on mycelial decor.

For fans of the 2022 color trends in home design, these shroomy additions may include neutral-toned mushroom lamps with shades resembling the gills of an actual mushroom. For others, a mushroom-shaped coffee table provides the perfect organic ambiance for a more subtle accent in their living room.

However, with the new year indicating a resurgence of the gaudy bright colors and textures of the ’60s and ’70s, it seems that weirdcore may flip the idea of au natural on its head in 2023.

What is weirdcore?

A funky, eclectic living room.
Photo by <a href=\"https://unsplash.com/@stephwilll?utm_source=unsplash&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=creditCopyText\">Steph Wilson</a> on <a href=\"https://unsplash.com/photos/ACyOx6nOtdI?utm_source=unsplash&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=creditCopyText\">Unsplash</a> via Upsplash

If the natural, cottage-core-y mushroom trends of the last two years didn’t speak to you, perhaps the newest twist on shrooms in your room, weirdcore, will.

Within the last few months, mycelium has entered homes in more ways than simple mushroom motifs. While past trends play the mushroom’s natural features up or down, whether with fairy-like whimsy or more literal silhouettes, weirdcore emphasizes eccentricity, jagged geometrics, and bright, saturated color.

Drawing upon elements across decades of design, weirdcore is an unapologetically maximalist approach to integrating one’s kookiest personal statements across their abode. In this case, the classic red and white polka-dot mushroom figurine has been replaced with a sharp-edged disco shroom sitting on an asymmetric tabletop.

While weirdcore isn’t centered around mushrooms, its bright, mind-boggling nature derives from shroom culture’s psychedelic vibes. Just as the Woodstock era aimed to break down barriers, this Gen-Z-led design craze wants to tear down the same walls- and then redecorate them with funky wallpaper.

Our mush-room picks

While these new design trends can be a whirlwind of everchanging color and style, mushroom decor will never be out of fashion. Whatever your aesthetic is, we’ve compiled a list of mushroom decor pieces that could satisfy your wildest Dada dreams or add a pop of natural beauty to your terrain.

Mushroom Artwork

Mushroom Varieties I - 4 Piece Picture Frame Painting

A set of four framed mushroom prints hanging on the wall.
via Wayfair

Image Source: Wayfair

If your style is tailored more to the natural essence of mushrooms, this set of four mushroom prints makes it feel like your mushroom garden is on the wall.

Mushroom World - Canvas Print

A funky mushroom art print.
via icanvas

Image Source: icanvas

Magic mushrooms more your calling? This offbeat wall art features some weird mushroom, uh, dudes just hanging out, perfect for setting the vibe in your living room.

Offito Mushroom DIY Paint by Number for Adults

An art print with mushrooms and plants underneath the night sky.
via Amazon

Image Source: Amazon

If you’re looking for a piece of mycelial wall art and into DIY, this paint-by-number kit from Amazon will scratch your colorful, cottage-core itch.

Groovy Mushroom Print, Retro Frog Wall Art, UNFRAMED

A funky mushroom art print that reads "Don't be stressin', life's a blessin'".
Etsy: KinderPlanetCompany

Image Source: KinderPlanetCompanyvia Etsy

For those self-identified minimalists, this low-key print reminds you to relax and smell the mycelium.

Mushroom-Shaped Home Accents

polypore fungus- 3D printed shelf.

A 3D printed fungus-shaped shelf.
Etsy: TheBigLickMercantile

Image Source: TheBigLickMercantile via Etsy

Regardless of your aesthetic, I think we can all agree that it’s cool to have a mushroom shelf growing out of your wall. Think of the trinkets!

Trippy Mushroom Bus

A trippy clay bus for potted plants.
Etsy: RadicalRissArt

Image Source: RadicalRissArt via Etsy

This planter is proper Beatles vibes, baby. Try growing a DIY mushroom kit for optimal ‘60s hippie vibes.

Wood Mushroom Statue Hand Carved Toadstool Decor

A set of wooden mushrooms of various sizes.
Etsy: HallstromHome

Image Source: HallstromHome via Etsy

Etsy does it again for the natural-vibes, cottage-core folks.

Mini Mushroom Shaped Vase, Custom Delicate Mushroom Glass Planter, Cute Hydroponic Mushroom Vase, Retro Mushroom Flower Planter

Three glass mushroom-shaped vases.
Etsy: FlourishingVibes

Image Source: FlourishingVibes via Etsy

Big ‘70s vibes from these, with a more understated pop of color.

Mushroom Textiles

Mushroom Home Decor Rug

A cottagecore-patterned mushroom rug.
Etsy: HomeDecorRugsCarpet

Image Source: HomeDecorRugsCarpet via Etsy

This whimsical botanical rug can work in any space, ranging from a tiny 1.6x1.6 ft. to a massive 6.5x16.4 ft. in size.

Power to the Parks Shrooms Blanket

A trippy, mushroom-patterned green blanket.
Parks Project

Image Source: Parks Project

Treat yourself and our planet when you buy this shroomy blanket from Parks Project, dedicated to preserving and protecting our parklands.

Whimsy Patchwork Pillow- Mushroom

A colorful stitched mushroom pillow.
natural life

Image Source: natural life

Trippy and snuggly.

Mushroom-Inspired Furniture

Unique Small Wooden Mushroom Lamp - Mushroom Lamp, Mushroom Decor, Night Light, Mushroom Gifts, Little Mushroom Light, LED Lights

An assortment of multicolored and multisized mushroom lamps.
Etsy: BreezeWoood

Image Source: BreezeWoood via Etsy

The perfect minimalistic mushroom table lamp.

Everest Pet Cave Mushroom Top Pattern, Handmade using 100% New Zealand Merino Wool, Caves for Cats & Small Doggos

A pet bed with red and white mushrooms on top.
Etsy: EverestPetSupplyUK

Image Source: EverestPetSupplyUK via Etsy

If you can’t live inside a mushroom yourself, at least live vicariously through your furry friend as they lounge in their own mushroom cottage.

Disco Mushroom 2 Colors Gold & Silver Desk Decoration, Decor For Living Room, Wedding Decor, Room Decor Aesthetic, Kids Room Decor

Disco-ball patterned mirrored mushrooms.
Etsy: Chipsland

Image Source: Chipsland via Etsy

Disco balls remain one of the most eye-catching ways to bring light into a space, so why not make it mycelial?

Maddalena Mushroom Stool - Opalhouse™ designed with Jungalow™

An orange mushroom shaped fabric stool.

Image Source: Target

Imagine this sitting at the foot of your rattan armchair, sipping your mushroom coffee in the morning. A true cottage-core dream.

Mushroom-inspired design has found its home inside many of ours in the last few years, and we don’t see this trend slowing down any time soon. Whether you want to start small with mushroom trinkets or go big with these decor pieces, we’re happy to see the mush-room fad growing on everyone.


Maren Bennett

Maren Bennett

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