17 Groovy Gifts for Mushroom Lovers and Fungi Maniacs

17 Groovy Gifts for Mushroom Lovers and Fungi Maniacs

Maren Bennett
Maren Bennett
December 14, 2022
4 min

Seeking out the perfect cottagecore decor for that special spore-someone this holiday season?

Tired of the same mushroom mug recommendation for your mycologist?

Here are 17 gifts straight from Etsy- and more- to not only shop for your favorite fun guy to not only knock their mushroom-print socks off, but also support small businesses during the season of giving.

1. Hanging Mushroom Sculpture

A hanging sculpture, about 8 inches long, of three red mushrooms with white polka dots growing from a piece of wood.
Etsy: WoodGlassDecor

Image Source: WoodGlassDecor via Etsy

For those into mushroom hunting who want to bring the outside in, this handmade mushroom sculpture appears to grow out of the wall. There’s even an option for personalized engraving to show off a mushroom message year-round.

2. Mushroom Goddess Candle

Pink, orange, yellow, white, and peach colored candles, desgined to have the bottom half of a woman's nude torso to thigh, and the top half a mushroom head.
Etsy: BotanicalGoodsStore

Image Source: BotanicalGoodsStore via Etsy

Cheeky, right? This unique gift is sure to have your mushroom maniac blushing the color of a fly agaric. These saucy soy candles come in twelve scents (or unscented!) and are the perfect stocking stuffer.

3. Mushroom Earrings

Gold textured hoop earrings with three multi-colored mushrooms growing from the center of the hoops.
Etsy: DayDreamBasket

Image Source: DayDreamBasket via Etsy

Take the ever-classic gift of jewelry and mash it with mushrooms, and these wearable wild mushroom earrings are whatcha get. Handmade from hypoallergenic material, these hoops, available in silver and gold, will surely shake up your shiitake-style accessories.

4. Mushroom Earring Holder

Sculpture of a red mushroom with white polka dots with holes in the top to hang earrings.
Etsy: BohoEarringBoutique

Image Source: BohoEarringBoutique via Etsy

What better gift to pair with mushroom earrings than a holder straight from the forest floor? This handmade morel mushroom earring holder can display 13 pairs of earrings.

5. Mushroom Necklace

Gold chain necklace with a gold and pink mushroom charm.
Etsy: inflorescence

Image Source: inflorescence via Etsy

If earrings don’t pique your porcini interest, this dainty mushroom necklace is perfect for those who want to show off their funky fungi a bit more subtly. While it might not be the magic mushroom they were expecting, this necklace makes it easy to rep some reishi.

6. Wooden Mushroom Trinket Box

Trinket box with a psychedelic mandala pattern burnt into the top with mushroom decals.
Etsy: YTanBach

Image Source: YTanBach via Etsy

Made to order and hand-burnt, this wooden mushroom trinket box can hold any funky fungi jewelry or just about anything. Truffle-tastic!

7. Mini Mushroom-Shaped Vase

Glass mushroom-shaped vases in purple, orange, and green.
Etsy: FlourshingVibes

Image Source: FlourishingVibes via Etsy

Simple, elegant, mushroom-shaped. With multiple styles to choose from, these retro hydroponic vases are perfect for farming your own mushrooms or popping in some fresh flowers.

8. Mushroom Print Glass Tumbler

Glass tumbler with a light blue mushroom pattern with a bamboo seal top and glass straw.
Etsy: SugarLaneBoutique

Image Source: SugarLaneBoutique via Etsy

Those with a New Year’s resolution to be more sustainable this 2023 should try swapping their daily disposable coffee cup with this glass mushroom-print tumbler. It comes with a reusable glass straw and a sealable bamboo lid, so not only will you keep your coffee safe, but the planet, too.

9. Ceramic Mushroom Mug

Ceramic tan-colored mug with a ceramic red top to appear to be a mushroom.
Etsy: ChausettesdeComptine

Image Source: ChausettesdeComptine via Etsy

This wouldn’t be a proper gift list without a mushroom mug, right? Enjoy chaga tea or mushroom coffee fit for a Hobbit, and when you finish, pop on its mushroom cap for a mycelium centerpiece of your mug collection.

10. Stained Glass Mushroom Sun Catcher

Half-moon shaped stained glass catcher with red mushrooms.
Etsy: GlassArtRoom

Image Source: GlassArtRoom via Etsy

For some psychedelic light shows in your or your mushroom lover’s living room, this sun catcher is sure to catch anyone’s attention.

11. Crochet Plush Shrooms

Multiple small plush crochet mini-mushroom figurines.
Etsy: TheSaltyStitchery

Image Source: TheSaltyStitchery via Etsy

These might not be the exact oyster mushrooms or lion’s mane your shroom-y Secret Santa was expecting, but these plush mini-mushroom figurines are perfect for anyone looking for a fungi friend.

12. Mushroom Woven Throw Blanket

Woven throw blanket with brown trim, and a white knit inside with black mushroom pattern.
Etsy: TheGrayfolk

Image Source: TheGrayfolk via Etsy

Who doesn’t love a good blanket? Whether for keeping warm while traversing the forest floor while mushroom foraging or simply sipping on some mushroom coffee at home, this cozy woven blanket is a great gift for your fungi friend. All you need is a mushroom pillow.

13. Lion’s Mane DIY Mush Kit

Hand-sized bags of lion's mane mushrooms.
Etsy: MushroomManOfPeotone

Image Source: MushroomManOfPeotone via Etsy

With DIY projects becoming all the rage and the baseline for a shroomy, cottagecore life, this lion’s mane mushroom growing kit is perfect for anyone just starting out in the fungi world. This kit offers endless possibilities in cooking ventures or make-your-own supplements. It’s the mushroom gift that keeps on giving.

14. Mushroom Night Light

Mushroom-terrarium nightlight with glowing mushrooms.
Etsy: DreCollex

Image Source: DreCollex via Etsy

This isn’t your typical night light. This high-quality, handmade piece replicates your wildest mushroomy dreams of living in your own fairy world.

15. Naturealm Sacred 7 Mushroom Extract Capsules

Naturealm Scared 7 powdered mushrooms.

Image Source: Naturealm

For those looking for medicinal mushrooms this holiday season, Naturealm’s blend of mushrooms is sure to be your new favorite part of your wellness routine. Try this unique blend in capsule or powder form.

16. Plant People WonderDay Mushroom Gummies

Plant People's yellow bag of mushroom gummies.
Plant People

Image Source: Plant People

If capsules or powders aren’t your thing, WonderDay delivers a blend of their best mushrooms in gummy form. Yum!

17. Naturealm Mushroom Tinctures

Naturealm black glass bottle of chaga tinctures, with dropper.

Image Source: Naturealm

Only need one mushroom to quench your thirst? Try any one of these three tinctures at Naturealm. Mix a drop of any of these tinctures- chaga, lion’s mane, or reishi- into your drink or under your tongue for daily wellness effects.


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