The Best Mushroom Embroidery Patterns Online for Every Skill Level

The Best Mushroom Embroidery Patterns Online for Every Skill Level

Shannon Ratliff
Shannon Ratliff
April 03, 2024
3 min

If you’re looking for a break from floral embroidery patterns, look no further than the humble mushroom. The weather for fungi is right, and mushrooms appear on everything from printed dresses to glass table lamps. Mushrooms are ideal for hand embroidery patterns because the simple loops and swoops of the shape are simple enough for beginners. Expert sewers and quilters will find challenge and delight in capturing the detail of each mushroom. The sewing patterns are endless, from ombre gills to a mosaic of bright toadstools.

It can be overwhelming to search through DIY Pinterest for the best free mushroom embroidery pattern for your skill level and mood. This list compiles the best embroidery kits, pdf patterns, and instant downloads for fungi designs.

What you’ll need to start hand embroidering

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Image Source: Amazon

You’ll need this essential list of tools to complete the embroidery projects above. I’ve completed a few embroidery patterns in my day, so I included links to the products that have never let me down.

  • Embroidery hoops
  • Embroidery needles
  • Embroidery floss
  • Embroidery scissors (small and sharp to cut floss)
  • Micro-tip scissors (to cut wool felt patterns)
  • Pattern transfer for outlines (chalk pen)

If you’re brand new to embroidery, the best book for stitches is the A-Z of Embroidery Stitches: A Complete Manual for the Beginner Through to the Advanced Embroiderer. This handy guide is indispensable for brushing up on techniques like the French knot and the satin stitch. There’s just something a written guide can do that a video tutorial can’t.

Beginner mushroom embroidery designs

Toadstool Mushroom Embroidery Pattern

toadstool mushroom pattern from etsy on wood background
Etsy: ShopJamiePhoto

Image Source: ShopJamiePhoto via Etsy

This retro mushroom pattern is a fantastic place for beginners to start their fungi needlework. The thoughtful yet minimal detail makes it easy to accomplish this on a night at home. Etsy seller ShopJamiePhoto also includes a directional stitch guide with the pattern template.

Fairy Ring Hand Embroidery Pattern

purple embroidery pattern with mushrooms and moon phases from etsy
Etsy: cozyblue

Image Source: cozyblue via Etsy

This beginner-friendly pattern includes mushrooms and the moon’s stages for a whimsical design. Match your colorscape to your home decor; this is a sweet piece to hang on your wall. Etsy seller cozyblue has so many incredible mushroom patterns it was hard to pick just one. They also sell complete embroidery kits on their website.

Mushroom Garden Embroidery Pattern

three mushrooms embroidery project in wood hoop
Etsy: Embroideredbtch

Image Source: Embroideredbtch via Etsy

This detailed pattern for beginners from Etsy Star Seller Embroideredbtch is a favorite. This was a first-time embroidery project for many rave reviewers, and it’s easy to see why. It’s an instant download with a stitch guide to help along the way.

Intermediate mushroom embroidery designs

Tiny Mushrooms Hand Embroidery Pattern

small mushrooms in collage on embroidery hoop and pattern
Etsy: little dear

Image Source: little dear via Etsy

These tiny mushrooms don’t have to live on a handkerchief! Reviewers love embroidering these little fungi friends onto Carhartt overalls, tote bags, and denim jackets, to name a few. Your kit from Etsy Star Seller little dear comes with a PDF file of the pattern and an additional tutorial called Tips N Stitches to help with beginner embroidery stitch questions.

Forest Mushrooms Embroidery Kit

collage of mushrooms on embroidery pattern with wood hoop and lace doilie
Etsy: TamarNahirYanai

Image Source: TamarNahirYanai via Etsy

The beauty of this pattern is that it comes with three options for purchase. You can receive a preprinted fabric, the embroidery kit without the hoop, or the embroidery kit with the hoop. While this is an intermediate project, the additional detail advanced stitchers bring to this piece from Etsy Seller TamarNahirYanai will make it pop.

Mushrooms I’d Like to Forage Pattern

mushroom collage with 12 mushrooms and text in the middle
Etsy: BlueCoyoteEmbroidery

Image Source: BlueCoyoteEmbroidery via Etsy

This cheeky digital pattern includes 12 types of mushrooms that can be jazzed up to the sewer’s liking. Experiment with ombre patterns on the caps or gills and add some flourish to the text to give it the style and flair it deserves. Etsy seller BlueCoyoteEmbroidery sends a PDF file scaled to fit 6” and 8” hoops.

Machine mushroom embroidery design

Mini Mushroom 3 Machine Embroidery Design

mushroom embroidery machine pattern with three mushrooms
Etsy: SewChaCha

Image Source: SewChaCha via Etsy

Blue, red, orange mushrooms, oh my! This sweet instant download from Etsy Star Seller SewChaCha is top-rated. It would make the perfect addition to a flannel or denim jacket. The formats included are DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PES, VIP, VP3, and XXX.

There are a lot of cross-stitch, crochet, and wall-hanging kits these days that offer mushrooms as a design, as well. Even if you can’t find the perfect mushroom for you, try thread painting once your craft kit is complete to truly make it your own.


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What you’ll need to start hand embroidering
Beginner mushroom embroidery designs
Intermediate mushroom embroidery designs
Machine mushroom embroidery design

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