Mushroom Powder 101 from Someone Who Can't Live Without It

Shannon Ratliff
Shannon Ratliff
April 23, 2024
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I take three supplements: collagen, magnesium, and mushrooms. These are the only supplements that I notice a difference without and will no longer sacrifice in my routine after more than three years of daily use. Collagen boosts my hair growth, magnesium helps me sleep through the night, and mushrooms. Well, what don’t mushrooms do?

There are two main ways to think about mushroom powders: medicinal and culinary. Medicinal mushrooms are amazing (they’re medicinal mushrooms because they’re not hallucinogenic or psychedelic). Mushrooms are full of antioxidants that give us steady energy, boost our immune systems, calm us down, soothe bubble guts, and amp up the elasticity and glow of our hair, nails, and skin.

Mushrooms are also full of beta-glucans and polysaccharides that give our bodies nutrients that we don’t make on our own. Most of these beta-glucans and polysaccharides are literal superheroes whose major health benefits include antiviral, anticancer, and clear away mental fog so well that functional mushrooms are a common natural supplement to boost brain health. This is also why they’re referred to as a superfood and are include in adaptogenic blends in health brands from workout blends to immune support elixirs.

I use mushroom powder to maintain a healthy body and mind with ease.

How I use mushroom powder

  • Boost my “easy” drinks like coffee, lattes, tea, and hot chocolate
  • Add a little dash to my “fun” drinks like smoothies, mocktails, and cocktails
  • Dump a bunch in soups, stews, sauces, and baked goods
  • Create salad dressings and condiment add-ins

So far, the biggest side effect I experienced was not taking my mushroom powder for two weeks after taking it consistently for three years. I had a terrible menstrual cycle complete with a ticket for admission to the hormonal roller coaster and the bloat blaster. 13/10, never again will I forget my stack.

However, some folks can experience stomach discomfort due to the insoluble fiber in mushrooms. While the extraction process breaks down the chitin, or mushroom cell walls if you will, it can still be tough for some.

My favorite mushroom powders

Medicinal mushroom powders

I first started taking organic mushroom extract powder in the form of a seven-mushroom blend of chaga, cordyceps, lion’s mane, maitake, reishi, shiitake, and turkey tail. Naturealm’s Sacred 7 Mushroom Extract Powder is 100% high-quality fruiting bodies, which I care about given the fact that some companies out there pass off products full of myceliated grains which are more starch than mushroom.

This basically means that their products also contain mycelium, or the tiny weblike root system of fungi. Mycelium is great for so many reasons, and it’s also a bioaccumulator, meaning it absorbs when it feeds on. So, if your mushroom powder is mostly mycelium grown on grain substrate, you do the math.

Naturealm also released Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, and Reishi Mushroom Powders that are the same mushrooms in the Sacred 7, just concentrated for that particular mushroom. I use Cordyceps before a workout, even something as light as a yin yoga, because it helps get the blood flowing and I feel like my muscles warm up faster.

Lion’s Mane is fantastic for focus and for digestion. When I want an all-natural and jitter-free way to get in the zone, I add a scoop to my beverage of choice and yes, sometimes that is even just sparkling water. Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, and Sacred 7 are the smoothest to add to your current drinks, but Reishi is bitter.

That’s a-okay by me because it means that the powder is full of triterpenes and all the good things my body needs and nothing it doesn’t. Reishi is incredible at regulating the nervous system and slowing the body down, so I spot dose when I’m super stressed and stick to a nighttime routine of powder before bed.

Culinary mushroom powders

As far as mushroom cooking powders, I use Totole Granulated Mushroom Bouillon to build flavor and honestly, Trader Joe’s Mushroom Powder to sprinkle in things. The bouillon is high in sodium, so I’m still looking for other mushroom bouillon or culinary seasonings - email me if you have one you love.

The best mushroom cooking powder is made from freshly dried mushrooms. The flavor of especially shiitake and morel mushrooms are powerful zings to any dish.

Mushroom powder vs. mushroom drink blends

The versatility of a pure mushroom powder, no fillers or additives, can’t be beat. You have unlimited ways to consume it and you can grab capsules for travel so your routine doesn’t suffer. Add it to anything for flavor or health, and there you go. One small step toward longevity and well-being.

I don’t like using mushroom coffees. There’s too much ritual in the grinding of fresh beans every morning that really wakes me up, and honestly, if I’m buying mushroom powder, I want to be able to add it to as much as possible and not just a beverage for a certain time of day. This means I can get my mushrooms whenever and however I need them, and that my dosage is never messed up when I’m on the go and need to take capsules instead.

Shannon Ratliff

Shannon Ratliff

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