Calle de Las Setas: The Mushroom Street of Alicante

Calle de Las Setas: The Mushroom Street of Alicante

Maddie S.
Maddie S.
December 16, 2023
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If you find yourself wandering through the historic city center of Alicante, Spain, you might stumble upon a curious and unique street known as Calle de Las Setas. Nicknamed the Mushroom Street, this narrow alleyway is unlike any other in the city. It’s filled with mushroom-themed statues and displays.

A cultural and creative revival

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The idea for the Mushroom Street was first introduced in 2016 as part of a revitalization project aimed at breathing new life into the old town area of Alicante. The objective was to transform an underused pedestrian street into a vibrant and attractive destination for locals and tourists alike while promoting the vibrant shops and restaurants of the street.

To achieve this, the city enlisted the help of Spanish artist Sergio Martinez, who came up with the current design of the street. The project cost the city over 60,000 euros and consisted of redesigning the walkway and constructing giant mushroom-shaped statues. The result is a striking visual display of colorful buildings, toadstool houses, and giant mushroom statues, providing a whimsical and fun immersive experience.

A social hotspot in Alicante

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Aside from its aesthetic appeal, the Mushroom Street has also become a hub for social activity, with several bars and restaurants located along its length. These establishments have embraced the street’s quirky character, incorporating it into their own décor and creating a lively atmosphere that draws in visitors from all over.

Despite its relatively short length, the Mushroom Street has quickly become one of the most beloved and recognizable landmarks in Alicante, attracting visitors from all over the world. The street has been featured in numerous travel blogs, cementing its status as a must-see destination for anyone visiting the city.

But the Mushroom Street isn’t just a pretty sight to see – it also represents an important symbol of Alicante’s cultural identity. The street’s installation was part of a larger effort by the city to promote creativity and artistic expression, reflecting the region’s deep cultural roots and artistic traditions.

The enchanting mushroom sculptures

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In addition to the colorful stone walkways and buildings, the Mushroom Street is also adorned with several large, whimsical mushroom sculptures. These sculptures are scattered throughout the street, adding to the overall fantasy-like ambiance of the area.

Each mushroom sculpture is unique, with its own distinct shape, color, and texture. Some are tall and slender, while others are short and squat. Some are bright and bold, while others are more muted and earthy. Regardless of their individual characteristics, each sculpture contributes to the overall enchanting atmosphere of the Mushroom Street.

One of the most prominent mushroom sculptures on the street is a large, red-capped mushroom that stands near the entrance of the Umbrella Cocktail Bar. This sculpture is tall and slender, with a bright red cap contrasting with the surrounding umbrellas’ more muted colors. It is a popular spot for photos and selfies and serves as a signature symbol of the Mushroom Street. If you want to take a “virtual tour” of the street, check out this video by the Virtual Tourist.

Add the mushroom street to your Alicante itinerary

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For locals, the Mushroom Street has become a point of pride, representing a successful effort to revitalize the city’s historic center and create a unique and memorable attraction for visitors. It has also become a popular spot for street performers and musicians, adding to the street’s vibrant and energetic atmosphere.

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The Mushroom Street of Alicante is a true gem of the city, representing a whimsical blend of art, culture, and exploration. Its enchanting atmosphere has captured the hearts of visitors worldwide while also serving as an important symbol of Alicante’s cultural identity. A stroll down the Mushroom Street is an experience that you won’t soon forget and is a must-have on your to-see list when visiting Alicante.

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A cultural and creative revival
A social hotspot in Alicante
The enchanting mushroom sculptures
Add the mushroom street to your Alicante itinerary

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